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Alicia Kropkowski and Nikki Devlin of Platinum Realty, are your solution for a stress-free and nurturing real estate experience. Unlike pushy approaches, we provide added support and step-by-step advice, clearing up headaches and reducing stress along the way. Our straightforward and empathetic approach ensures that you’re guided through your real estate journey without feeling pressured.

With a combined 30 years of living and raising families in the area, we are real people who truly understand the community’s heartbeat. We are flexible from the start, tailoring our approach to your unique needs. Our caring nature is reflected in our commitment to quality over quantity, providing personalised attention that’s grounded in genuine empathy.

Why Choose Alicia & Nikki of Platinum Realty?

We stand apart as a dynamic and dedicated team of real estate professionals who are committed to turning property dreams into reality. Our value revolves around the fusion of our unique identity as a team of empowered women within the esteemed Platinum Realty brand, our unwavering commitment to our core values, and our deep connection to the vibrant community of Currumbin.

As a partnership of accomplished and empowered women, we bring a compassionate and understanding approach to every real estate journey. Our empathy and active listening skills allow us to not only understand our client’s needs but also anticipate their desires. We prioritise building meaningful relationships and fostering trust and openness throughout the entire experience with us.

Our commitment to authenticity and transparency sets us apart. We understand that real estate decisions are significant and personal, which is why we take pride in providing clear and honest guidance at every step. Our communication style ensures our clients are well-informed, empowered to make confident decisions, and comfortable with the entire process.

Our Core Values


We are committed to being genuine and sincere in all our interactions. Our authenticity builds a strong sense of rapport, allowing us to connect with clients on a personal level and provide them with honest insights and advice.


Transparency is at the heart of our approach. We communicate openly and honestly with our clients, ensuring they have a clear understanding of the real estate process, property details, and market dynamics. 


We approach every client interaction with empathy and understanding. Recognising the significance of real estate decisions, we listen actively and show compassion to guide clients through their journeys with care and sensitivity.

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What our Clients Say

"Genuinely Care, Supportive and Exceeded Expectations If you are looking for someone to go beyond your expectations, then these vibrant ladies are the ones! Not only was it done with kindness and expertise, but they also had a way of making you feel quietly confident that you are in the best of hands to reach that end goal you are so hoping for. I would confidently say without hesitation to anyone wishing to sell, Alicia and Nikki are like no other! Not only factoring in their communication skills, but also their kindness and awareness of the roller coaster emotions along the way as a seller, to step up and add that extra support one needs to make the ride as enjoyable and exciting as it should be. Thankyou so much Alicia and Nikki in achieving this great result and for all your hard work along the way. You felt like family to me by the end of this journey and I will miss you both!"


"Highly Recommend - Professional, Helpful and Compassionate We decided to downsize after living for many years in our family home. We were after less maintenance on a property. We chose Platinum because we knew Alicia and we were very aware of how courteous and helpful she is to all who she comes in contact with. From the first meeting we had with her, Alicia gave us full and accurate details of the selling process. She was always available to answer any queries we may have had and guided us to a very satisfactory sale. We are now in our new home and thanks to Alicia, very happy. We would recommend Platinum Realty as the whole process for us was made so much easier with Alicia and Nikki’s expertise. Thank you again."

Barbara and Bob

Your Trusted Partners in Currumbin’s Real Estate Journey
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